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How much does it cost to reserve a car?

To reserve a vehicle, we will require a fully refundable £99 fee. This payment can be taken by debit or credit card.

How does the reserve online process work?

Once you click the ‘Reserve Now’ button, you’ll be redirected to the payment page.

Here, you’ll be asked to pay the £99 reservation fee and confirm your personal and card details. A payment confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided.

The car will then be reserved for three days from the date of your payment confirmation.

Please then contact the sales team to request your appointment and test drive. If we have not heard from you within 24 hours, we will try to contact you to make the arrangements.

During the three day reservation period, the car won’t be sold to anyone else. We do not accept more than one reservation for any car at the same time.

What happens if I don’t want the car?

If you decide that you don’t want the car, we’ll refund your reservation fee in full.

If you want to cancel your reservation, call us on 020 8656 4636 with your name and the car you’ve reserved.

Is the reservation fee used as part of my deposit?

If you decide to buy the car, the reservation fee can either be used as part of the final payment for the vehicle or it can be refunded separately.

How long does the reservation fee refund take to process?

The reservation fee refund can take between 3 – 5 working days to process.

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